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New TP Series models


Hydraulic reach mowers with gear hydraulic system

The new TP Reach Mower generation is designed to deliver superior performance and durability compared to industry standards. The TP series models are available in the 5.1 m, 6.1 and 6.6 m outreach versions and offer a wide range of accessories and options that increase versatility and allow users to perfectly meet their work needs. Designed for farmers, medium-sized farms and local vegetation maintenance operators, the new TP reach mowers generation are of a heavy duty design with reliable cast iron pumps and motor.

Flailheads TI100 - TI120

  • Flailhead with direct drive motor.
  • Cast iron two-way
  • hydraulic gearmotor.
  • FerriPERFECT, electronic and three-step numerical control rotor balancing process.
  • Reversible Rotor (DSR).
  • Inner lining.
  • Rear adjustable roller.
  • Front and rear abrasion resistant guard for ˜ailhead.

Cable controls

Very simple, intuitive, not complicated at all, easy-to- learn and friendly-to-use. Operates all arm functions, reach and flailhead angle, while additional levers control breakaway reset functions and rotor start, stop and reverse functions. The ideal solution for those who want maximum reliability and cost containment.

Proportional electrical control with electric rotor management

The EP Tronic control allows for easy portability of the cab control thanks to a light joystick and the lack of hydraulic hoses. The joystick is connected with an electrical cable to a control unit mounted on the distributor valves. The action is precise for cross movements of the first and second booms. The rotation direction of the rotor is controlled by electric switches on the console.
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