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Remote control tool carrier

iCUT is the leading remote controlled tool carrier machine that provides maximum safety in critical and difficult situations achieving superb performances. Especially recommended for maintenance of retention ponds and embankments, or no-easy-to-access areas within airports, recreational facilities or military bases.


iCUT 3

The iCUT 3 model is the leading remote controlled tool carrier machine that provides maximum safety in critical and difficult situations achieving superb performances. Especially recommended for maintenance of retention ponds and embankments, or no-easy-to-access areas within airports, recreational facilities or military bases.

Power and control in your hands!

The remote controlled iCut 3 model equipped with flail head is designed to mow grass, weeds, shrubs, branches and always ensuring operator’s absolute safety. The iCut 3 specific design includes a low center of gravity , an expandable undercarriage, and the contoured track profile allows the machine to operate in highly uneven areas having maximum grip and allowing extended utilization on slopes in any direction, up to 55 °.
This model is equipped with a 40HP diesel engine which can power both flail heads with 1,30 m and 1,70 m working width respectively. It is also possible to attach other equipment, which make the Ferri iCut 3 Extra a multi-functional tool carrier.

Remote control

Two large joysticks provide precise control of both motion, steering and flail head height control. Simple control layout allowing start in the best working situation immediately, there is the option to customize speed and steering sensitivity matching personal preferences allowing working productively and safely in all working conditions. In addition, at the immediate-stop-button, the console has many other features including , the temperature indicators of the coolant and the oil; the radio control battery functions, the engine oil pressure, the fuel reserve, the clogging of the air filter, the on / off floating system, the travel speed (slow / fast), the activation of the reversible fan (manual / automatic).


The iCut 3 is equipped with a 3-cylinder ISUZU diesel engine. The 1642cc engine developing 29KW/40HP and 103Nm @1800 Rpm, is water cooled through a reversible fan which can be remotely activated from the control panel (it is possible to enable the automatic self-cleaning function). The diesel tank has got a 26,5 L. capacity.

Hydraulic system

The iCut 3 hydraulic system consists of 4 pumps with independent circuits:
- 2 variable displacement piston pumps in closed circuit power the hydrostatic drive for each track.
- 1 piston pump is dedicated to the piston motor controlling the rotor shaft on the flail head.
- 1 gear pump in open circuit which feeds the manifold block for the hydraulic services: Lift > Aux1 and Track width > Aux2
The hydrostatic closed circuit systems are very efficient because they let circulate only the oil flow required by the machine. The manifold block that controls the hydraulic services is equipped with a venting valve which allows to reduce waste of energy when the services are not employed.


The diagnostic is integrated in the control box which in normal mode would display the hour meter, whereas in case of errors or problem it would display codes in combination to the lightening of warning lights (the user’s manual would tell the operator the nature of the failure occurred and what actions are needed).

Adjustable undercarriage

An expandable undercarriage has been designed by Ferri to meet the most demanding customer needs. In extreme working conditions when it is necessary to increase the machine safety, it is possible to increase the undercarriage width by means of a hydraulic drive, bringing the total track width from 132 cm to 167 cm.
The tracks enlargement is made directly from the control panel. The track chains are firmly kept aligned thanks to a triple flange rollers near the sprocket along with track chain guides.
The iCut 3 undercarriage is composed of 4 rollers distributed in a way which optimizes the load and allow the best grip on the ground.

iCUT 4.50 Extra

The iCUT 4.50 Extra is the new radio-controlled tool carrier that allows you to work at a distance, allowing the user to always work in full compliance with operational safety standards and health and safety regulations and at the same time to clear areas that are difficult to reach or for which it is advisable not to get too close to.

Power and control in your hands!

The iCUT4.50 EXTRA radio-controlled tool carrier with flail head has been designed to cut grass, weeds, shrubs and even large diameter branches (forestry version) while always ensuring complete operator safety. The special design of the iCUT, its low centre of gravity, modified oil sump to ensure that the engine is correctly lubricated even on very steep gradients, an adjustable undercarriage and a large clearance between the oil sump and the ground means that the iCUT is the only machine that is able to work on extremely uneven terrain and in extremely harsh working conditions, even in areas that are difficult to reach with traditional vehicles.

Remote control

The intuitive controls are arranged ergonomically to allow the machine to be used with ease right from the start. Two large ergonomic joysticks provide full control of the machine and the mounted tool. The radio control is set up to operate in multi-frequency mode, constantly searching for the best frequency. However, a specific frequency that is considered the most suitable can also be selected manually. The speed controls and the flow rate of oil to the cutting tool can be safely customised according to the preference of the operator and for the work to be carried out. In addition to the emergency stop button, the console is fitted with indicators for coolant and oil temperature, radio control battery charge, radio signal strength and channel, engine oil pressure, fuel reserve warning, engine RPM, rotor engaged, engine preheating, direction controls swap, air filter clogging, travel speed, FLEXXAIRE device control, and the floating system on/off control for the mounted equipment


The 4-cylinder 2179 cc 50 HP (35.9 kW) engine can deliver maximum torque at 1800 Rpm. It uses the NEW innovative hydraulically controlled FLEXXAIRE liquid cooling system with reversible fans. This cooling system keeps the radiator clean, maximises engine performance and reduces fuel consumption..

Hydraulic system

The iCUT 4.50 EXTRA has a closed-circuit hydraulic system that prevents excessive heating of the oil and maximises performance by constantly adjusting the flow rate/pressure ratio to the actual power required. This system means that the power supplied is exactly the same as the power required, thereby reducing fuel consumption as much as possible. The VENTING valve on the distributor allows a separate open circuit system for the hydraulic services to be used that significantly reduces energy loss when no services are being used (for example during transfer). The closed-circuit hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption and increases the performance of the machine, providing an exceptional productivity-consumption ratio.


The latest generation diagnostics allows you to automatically and immediately identify the type of malfunction and take corrective action. When the warning light comes on and a warning signal is heard at the same time, an error code appears on the start-up panel display. The user can use the user manual to identify the type of malfunction and take steps to correct it.

Bio oil

Using a very high biodegradability oil as standard highlights the respect and commitment that Ferri has towards the environment. The use of biodegradable oil is increasingly recommended for use in agricultural and forestry machinery where, unlike the hydraulic oil that is normally used, an accidental oil leak would not damage the environment.

iCUT4.50 EXTRA adjustable undercarriage

The EXTRA undercarriage has been designed by Ferri to address the needs expressed by its customers throughout the world and is made of special high-strength steel. The new profile, with a raised rear drive wheel, ensures greater grip to easily overcome any type of obstacle or allows it to be used on steep slopes. The undercarriage is composed of 5 lower rollers and one upper roller. Together with 5 pairs of mechanical guides, they prevent the tracks from slipping from their working position.

When the width of the undercarriage has to be altered, to ensure increased adherence to the ground, it is carried out directly from the radio control. Its width can be modified from 134 to 167 centimetres in just a few seconds.



Floating device. Greater versatility means greater safety.

Ferri’s experience has resulted in the development of this mixed mechanical/hydraulic system and it allows the equipment mounted on the iCUT 4.50 EXTRA to follow the contours of the ground perfectly. For even greater safety, a spring-loaded mechanism triggers at the same time as the floating system and transfers the weight of the equipment to the machine to reduced friction during forward movement.

Inclination 55°

Optimal weight distribution and a low centre of gravity means that the iCUT 4.50 EXTRA is able to operate up to gradients of 55° in all directions while ensuring optimal grip and traction under all working conditions. This means it can be operated remotely and in complete safely even in difficult to reach areas.


Four different kinds of tracks are available for operation in all types of working conditions with the highest level of safety and adherence.

Hydraulic flail mower R1300 - R1700

container 24621 eng
Hydraulic flail mower R1700
Recommended for cutting grass, weeds and shrubs, they have two working widths 130 and 170 cm. They offer all the options of versatility, two different tools available (for the R1300 version and a single type of tool for the R1700) to allow you to increase productivity to the maximum, wherever possible. The DSR (Reversible rotor rotation) device allows you to choose or change the direction of rotation of the rotor according to the type of work to be carried out. The hydraulic cylinder for opening the front hood is available as an optional for countries in which its use is permitted.

Hydraulic forestry flail heads RF1300

container 24332 eng
Hydraulic forestry flail heads RF1300
The special structure of the head and its rotor, complete with rotating hammer blades, make this flail head ideal for working in harsh conditions. The DSR (Reversible rotor rotation) device allows you to choose or change the direction of rotation of the rotor according to the type of work to be carried out. An optional push frame is available, while the hydraulic cylinder for opening and closing the front hood is fitted as standard.

Hydraulic forestry flail mower RF-R 1300

container 24624 eng
Hydraulic forestry flail mower RF-R 1300
The forestry mulcher model RF-R, with its improved design, has increased the robustness of its structure and consequently both the durability and the impact resistance.
The adoption of DOMEX700 for the internal subframe allows to have a light structure but very strong and resistant.
The innovative rotor with reinforced rotating hammers, thanks to the Quick Change solution, allows an easy and fast tool replacement operation.

Interchangeable equipment and accessories

L’ iCUT aumenta ancora di più il concetto di macchina polifunzionale, aumentando la disponibilità di attrezzature e consendo un utilizzo di questo modello durante tutto l’arco dell’anno.
Le diverse attrezzature progettate appositamente per l’iCUT rendono questa macchina indicata per operare nei settori forestali, manutenzione del verde pubblico e privato, giardinaggio, viabilità invernale e movimentazione di materiali inerti.


  iCUT3 extra iCUT4.50 extra
Rubber tracks STANDARD
Rubber tracks STANDARD PLUS opt. opt.
Tracks with steel treads GRIP opt. opt.
Tracks with steel treads and steel GRIP PLUS opt. opt.
Remote control unit cable opt. opt.
Flashing beacon opt. opt.
Triangle danger tri-flash opt. opt.
Lifting points
Bio oil opt.
2 batterie radiocomando
Custom paint upon request opt. opt.
Custom paint request for flail head opt. opt.
Snow blade opt. opt.
Snow blower opt. opt.
Sweeper opt. opt.
Stumps grinder opt. opt.
Winch opt. opt.
Hydraulic sliding linkage kit opt. opt. 
Push over bar for flail head opt. opt.
Heavy-duty roll bar opt. opt.
Work headlights kit opt. opt.
 Standard / opt. optional

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