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Hydraulic reach mowers TP Farm

Functionality, reliability and efficiency characterize the TP Farm.

Ferri Engineers have designed this model focusing on the right balance between max. reach and overall weight. The obtained result allows coupling the reach mower  to a wide range tractors from 60 to 100 horsepower. The TP Farm is able to fully meet multiple needs of landscapers and farmers . Common features of the three models are the use of drop forged parts, the fitting of a cast iron pump and motor Group 3, a floating system enabling the flail head to better follow the ground contours. The TP66 is characterized by longer and stronger arms.
TP Farm
TP Farm
  • Max horizontal reach from m 4,72 to 6,50
  • Tractors from 60 to 100 HP
  • Width of cut from m 1,00 to 1,20
  • Cutting capacity max 4 cm
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