Offset in-line slope mowers ZMGE Series

ZMGE 1400

ZMGE 1400
Cutting width
4’ 8’’
Tractor power
40 ÷ 70 HP
Min. tractor weight
3527 lbs
Min. tractor width
4’ 11’’
Max sidesliding
8’ 6’’
Flail head angle
48° / 90°
981 lbs
Max. Cutting width
1 3/4’’
The new offset model ZMGE, compact and versatile, is the ideal solution for cleaning the edges of plots of land, ditch banks and green areas in general, suitable for tractors from 40 to 70 HP. Recommended for grass, bushes, prunings up to a diameter of 1’’ 1/4. The ZMGE model can be configured with a rotor with pressed sledgehammers or with a multi-purpose multi-knife rotor for particularly accurate grass trimming.
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container 1970 usa

6-rows rotor

6-rows rotor
container 9087 usa

Hydraulic block tap for transportation with manual activation

Hydraulic block tap for transportation with manual activation (this avoids accidental leaning of the mowing body without use of chains or holders).
container 1460 usa

Mechanical block pin for transport

Mechanical block pin for transport (this avoids accidental leaning of the mowing body without use of chains or holders).
container 1561 usa

Floating frame

Floating frame (the joint pin on the tractor side allows the head system to follow the ground, protecting the arms structure of the parallelogram).
container 9677 usa

“OVERLAP” spiral rotor

“OVERLAP” spiral rotor with two spiral rows for hammer blades and flails.
Gearbox overrunning clutch
Gearbox is fitted outside the transmission cover (more side sliding and less pto shaft angle)
Hydraulic side shift cylinder fitted within the parallel arms for better protection during work
Hydraulic cylinder for head positioning
Rotation joint and parallelogram arms on self lubricating bushing
Heat treated pins
Height adjustable roller Ø 5,5"
Adjustable side skids
Front guard with metal flaps
Reinforced Pto shaft
Kit distributor with floating
Double pto shaft
Hydraulic breakaway

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