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Radio-controlled tool carriers

iCUT 3.60 Extra is the brand new radio-controlled tool carrier that allows the operator to work, remotely, and allows the user, to always operate in total compliance with safety regulations and personal safety while simultaneously clearing areas difficult to reach or for which it is recommended not to get too close.

The new Stage V powered version, in addition to the features that have made the iCUT model the icon of radio- controlled tool carriers, now comes with new SMART features to work better, faster and more productively.

The power and control in your hands

The new iCUT 3.60 Extra offers high performance, along with great operating range and ease of maintenance. The credits go to the new HATZ 60 HP Stage V engine.

The iCUT3.60 EXTRA radio-controlled tool carrier model, in its mulcher head version, is designed to mulch grass, brushwood, shrubs and branches even of large diameter (in its forestry version) and always ensuring the absolute safety of the operator

The distinctive design of the iCUT project: machine with a very low center of gravity, oil pan designed by HATZ, an historic powertrain manufacturer, always ensures proper lubrication of the engine even at very steep slopes, maximum operating slope 55°, widening undercarriage design and a significant clearance between the oil pan and the ground; allows the iCUT to be the only vehicle to operate in terrain with significant bumps, in truly impervious working conditions that are almost impossible to reach with traditional vehicles.


Stage V certified engine

The 3-cylinder turbo intercooled Hatz 3H50 and 60HP (43.39 kW) 1,464 cc engine delivers maximum torque from 1620 to 2060 rpm. The new engine fully complies with the new anti-pollution directives and enjoys STAGE V - CERTIFIED recognition. .

The engine is elastically fixed to the chassis by means of optimized and improved silent blocks with functions to contain all vibrations produced and especially side shaking. Cooling is liquid-cooled and adopts the super- reliable FLEXXAIRE system with both automatic and manual hydraulically controlled reversible fans. This cooling system keeps the radiator clean, maximizes engine performance and consequently reduces fuel consumption.

Organic oil
The standard adoption of an oil with very high biodegradability reinforces Ferri’s care and respect for our ecosystem. The use of biodegradable oil is increasingly indicated in agricultural and forestry machinery, where an accidental oil leak on the ground would not cause a negative environmental impact, unlike the hydraulic oil normally adopted.

Hydraulic system

A closed-loop hydraulic system is adopted in the iCUT 3.60 EXTRA, which reduces oil heating and maximizes performance by constantly adjusting the flow/pressure ratio to the actual power demand. This system makes it possible to precisely balance the power output according to the power demand, while limiting fuel consumption as much as possible.

A separate open-circuit system for services thanks to the VENTING valve on the distributor realizes a drastic reduction in dissipation when no control is activated (e.g., in the transfer phase). The closed-circuit hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption and increases machine performance with an outstanding productivity-consumption ratio.

Radio-controlled tool carriers

The controls are positioned in an ergonomic and intuitive manner and allow the machine to be used, at its best, from the very first use. Two large ergonomic joysticks ensure total control of the machine and the attached equipment. The radio control is set up to operate in multifrequency mode, constantly seeking the best possible frequency however, it is possible to manually select a given frequency deemed most suitable.
It is safely possible to customize the speed controls and oil flow rate to the equipment being used, to best suit the operator’s needs according to the work to be done.

In addition to the immediate stop button, the console is equipped with indicators for hydraulic oil coolant temperature, radio control battery charge, radio signal power and channel, engine oil pressure, fuel reserve warning engine RPM indication, rotor engaged indicator, engine preheating, control reversal, air filter clogging, advance mode, FLEXXAIRE device actuation, and on/off floating system of attached equipment. Through the radio control, tank filling is facilitated by preventing fuel spillage.

Definitely first in class

Thanks to optimal weight distribution and a low center of gravity, the iCUT 3.60 EXTRA is able to operate at slope angles in all directions up to 55°, providing optimum grip and traction in all working conditions, ensuring proper lubrication to the engine thanks to the solutions adopted by the engine manufacturer itself to guarantee reliability and long life.

Widening undercarriage
The EXTRA undercarriage is the result of Ferri’s experience and concentrates responses to the needs highlighted by Ferri customers on all continents. It is manufactured from high-strength special steel. The new profile with the raised rear drive wheel provides greater grip so that any obstacles or steep slopes can be overcome with great ease.

The undercarriage is composed of 4 triple-flanged lower rollers and one double-flanged upper roller and together with 5 pairs of mechanical guides avoid the risk of the tracks coming out of their working position.

This distinctive structure was envisioned from the time of design was also considered to limit as much as possible the possibility of mud or residue from machining or brushwood getting between the tracks and rollers.

When it is necessary to change the width of the undercarriage to provide more grip on the ground, directly from the radio control, the operation of changing the width of the undercarriage from 132 to 167 centimeters is carried out in seconds.


Brand new “Best in Class” diagnostics has been adopted, it enables automatic and immediate identification of the type of malfunction and identification of the corrective maneuver. For an additional form of support, it was decided to provide as standard the adoption of the Murphy Chart device, which allows the powertrain diagnostic information to be read. In this way, anyone has the ability to identify the current problem and decide for the optimal solution to be taken, moreover, the large display allows all the vital information of the icut to be viewed

Side shift kit (optional)

The optional flail head side-shift kit, available only for the R1300 header, with its 20+20 centimeter displacement, makes it possible to reach work areas otherwise impossible to work on such as river edges or canals, or road artifacts, and this regardless of the width of the undercarriage.

New suspension system of the attachment. greater versatility equals greater safety

The new hydraulic/pneumatic floating system is the result of almost 10 years of Ferri experience and allows equipment of different weights and sizes to be used while maintaining optimal balancing of the machine and equipment assembly. thanks to the valve unit/nitrogen accumulator assembly. In practical terms, it allows the equipment used to perfectly follow the course of the ground while reducing friction and simultaneously avoiding damaging stress on the iCUT’s lifting arms.

Cejn Multi-X quick coupling (optional)

Optional adoption, of CEJN Multi-X couplings offers the advantage of saving time when connecting or disconnecting equipment, since several hydraulic lines are grouped together and can be operated with a single connection. Practicality and simplicity suggest their adoption in case cases of using several pieces of equipment in quick succession arise.


Three different types of tracks are available, so that they can operate in all working conditions and always ensu-re perfect ground grip and thus machine efficiency and operator safety.

Automatic track tensioner, always on

First and foremost, the automatic track tensioner makes it possible to be certain that the tracks are always working in the tension provided by FERRI, which is synonymous with reliability and high operating performance, and to simplify track replacement operations. The system consists of a hydraulic valve assembly that ensures longevity of the track and components even under the most severe working conditions.

Flail heads

Mod. R1300
Working width = 1.35 m
Weight = 419 kg

Mod. RH1600
Working width = 1.61 m
Weight = 312 kg

Mod. RF/R1300
Working width = 1.30 m
Weight = 337 kg


The iCUT 3.60 EXTRA further enhances the concept of a multipurpose machine, increasing the availability of equipment and enabling year-round use of this model. The various attachments specially designed for the iCUT 3.60 EXTRA make this machine suitable for operation in forestry, public and private green maintenance, gardening, winter roading, and inert material handling.


Tool carrier weight in Extreme track version (with full liquid) Kg 1.280


Diesel engine 3 cil. STAGE V - CONFIRMED -
Engine power 59 HP / 43,99 Kw
Fuel diesel
Engine lubrication da 0° a 55°
Fuel tank 39 liters
Max torque 188 Nm a 2400 rpm
Engine displacement 1.464 cc
Suction Turbo Intercooler
Speed (rpm) adjustable
Cooling water
Hydraulic oil cooler 5,9 lt.
Oil cooler FLEXXAIRE fan with reversible blades, automatic and manual control
Alternator A 12V 110A
Batteries A/h 12V /65 Ah

Hydraulic system

Drive system pumps Two variable displacement indepen-dent piston pumps in closed circuit
Piston pump for rotor Variable displacement independent piston pump in closed circuit
Gear pump for services Independent gear pump in open circuit
Oil tank 26 liters
Variable-cylinder piston pump for displacement 12 cc+12 cc Trasl. + 1 INGR. 4,5 cc services
Fixed cylinder capacity piston pump for attachment 26 cc piston pump adjustable with potentiometer
Oil flow 62 l/min
Services distributor on-off 4 sections
Oil flow adjustment YES
1st aux double acting standard
2nd aux double acting standard
Max flail head motor pressure 350 Bar


Remote controls range 100 - 150 m
Movements via joystick proportional movements
Machine movements forward-backward left-right
Display on the console standard
Immediate arrest button standard


Max. working slope gradient 55°
Hydraulic transmission 2 speed
Brake automatic negative
Forward - backward speed 0-4 km/h 1st gear / 0-8 km/h 2nd gear
Drive motors pistons


Widening undercarriage standard
Bottom rollers 4 + 1
Top rollers 1
Chassis with roll bar
Adjustable undercarriage Hydraulically
Transmission hydrostatic
Track chains sizes 250 x 52 x 72
Hydraulic lift arms with hydraulic and mechanical floating

Flail mowers

RPM rotor 3.000
Rotor double rotation drive
Peripheral speed 51 m/sec.
Hydraulic motor pistons
Adjustable rear roller standard
Adjustable skids standard
Transmission heavy duty toothed belt

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