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Width of cut: 1,25 - 1,55 m
Tractors size: from 20 up to 30 HP
These shredders are designed for cutting grass, brambles in parks, sport grounds, gardens: they are and ideal machine because of their low power absorption and their reduced overall dimensions.
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container 22052 eng
Width of cut: 1,40 - 1,60 - 1,80 - 2,00 m
Tractors size: from 30 up to 70 HP
MT mower series are suitable for grass and twigs max 4 cm. The series is available both in the fixed two-position version or with the hydaraulic sideshift.
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container 22060 eng
Width of cut: 1,80 - 2,10 m
Tractors size: from 55 up to 80 HP
MC mowers series are suitable for mulching grass and twigs max 6 cm.
The MC series design consists of a heavy duty frame, roller and the rotor shaft.
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container 22076 eng
Width of cut: 2,23 - 2,69 m
Tractors size: from 70 up to 100 HP
F shredder series are suitable for open field operations for grass, maize stalks, corn stalks, sunflowers and rize.
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container 22080 eng
Width of cut: 2,30 - 2,50 - 2,74 m
Tractors size: from 75 up to 130 HP
The MKD mowers are designed to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis. The machines were designed and developed to be used by the green maintenance professionals to mow grass and cut vegetation. These models are specifically designed for tractors equipped with a rear and front P.T.O. Therefore, the design and emphisis has been placed to the details that distinguish a professional machine from a traditional shredder.
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container 22046 eng
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