Offset in-line slope mowers ZHE Professional

The ZHE2500 Offset in-line slope mowers meets the needs of the professional green maintenance operators, who require high productivity and reliability.

The productivity is ensured by the significant cutting width of the machine and by the “Overlap” double helix rotor. The reliability stems from the presence of relevant structural details, such as the inner subframe all round protection, the shock absorber with mechanical springs, the rotation joint mounted on self-lubricating bushings and the height adjustable roller (Ø 6 1/2" with removable end caps). Particular attention has been paid to the safety during transportation, a double hydraulic lock system prevents unintentional movement or the oscillation of the mower.
ZHE Professional
ZHE 2500 Professional

  • Width of cut: 8'2"
  • Tractor: 100 ÷ 160 HP Min.
  • Tractor weight: 8818 lbs Min.
  • Tractor width: 7'5" ft
  • Max Sidesliding: 12'0" ft
  • Head angle movement: 60° / 90°
  • Weight: 2992 lbs
  • Cutting capacity: Ø max 2"


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