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Company profile

The Ferri factory was founded in 1844 by Giovanni Ferri Tamara, who was working as a blacksmith for local farms. Since FERRI was founded more than 25,000 machines have been manufactured and sold around the world.


Over 175 years of history

Since 1844 and for six generations, Ferri has been synonymous with Technological Innovation. This evolution has been achieved through continuous focus on the research and development of machines for the maintenance of public and agricultural greenery. Today, Ferri is one of the industry’s leading companies in Europe with production and sales of more than 35,000 machines worldwide.

Certainty and quality for our future

The innovative spirit that has always characterised the design and production of Ferri products has always been based on simple yet effective concepts, such as improved operator comfort for greater safety, making the most of suggestions from those who work with Ferri products on a daily basis, consistently seeking the best quality on the market and solidifying long-term strategic partnerships with the best national and international suppliers.
All of this underpins the latest Ferri product, the iCUT 4.50 remote controlled carrier machine, designed in conjunction with state-of-the-art technical studies, not just in the agricultural sector, which aims to provide a viable and completely safe alternative for those operating in difficult conditions with traditional means.
The same guideline has allowed us to attain the prestigious UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz brand from 2016, thanks to the development of a Ferri model designed for the specific operating needs of the Unimog. range.
Ferri, the future rewards those who believe in the future.

Innovation & Quality

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In the ‘90s, FERRI recognized the need for a more modern paint system and improved industrial assembly.
In 2004 FERRI established automatic assembly linesfor Reach Mowers along with a finished product handling and storage systemIn the Reach Mower Industry, Ferri is the onlyEuropean company that has an  assembly line and test machine system. These types of manufacturing capabilities and standards sets FERRI apart from its competitors.

An Advanced technology which aims to achieve amaximum quality for each item

Quality control
FERRI uses computer assisted machinery in its factory to manufacture key component and parts in order to maintain high quality standards.
The electronic rotors balancing process ensures reliable performance and extended life to FERRI branded products. Our well qualified engineering team continues to improve the FERRI production process and quality control process in order to provide high quality standards for each manufactured component.

A large company organized in real time

Time Management and methods
An efficient internal organization allows FERRI to meet multiple needs that a modern company should consider to be competitive in international markets.
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